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Alba Services

  • Returning client? Click here to schedule your next visit.

    1 hr

    60 US dollars
  • Your personal relaxed escape to a therapeutic relief haven.

    1 hr

    19.99 US dollars
  • Advanced clinical training providing you a speedy recovery!

    1 hr

    19.99 US dollars

Our Services

Because we care!

Continued Care ( *Retuning Patients)
• Continued personalized treatment for preventative care.
• Recommended relief adjustments made by your Doctor.
• Life update, let us know what's been causing you unnecessary stress or pain lately to provide realtime improvements or adjustments as you may need them!


Massage Therapy
• Assessment made to fit your needs, targeting all areas of tension.
• Rejuvenation, reducing your stress will leave you feeling brand new!
• Therapeutic Relief, professionally educated to provide high-level relaxation techniques.

• Individualized care plan that meets you and your body's specific needs.
• Experienced professionals providing you a healthy recovery, and compassionate atmosphere for progressive results.
• Our commitment to your healing through clear communication and an exceptional 



I’m Here When You Need Me

M: 9am-12pm | 2pm-6pm
T: 9am-12pm
W: 9am-12pm | 2pm-6pm
TH: 9am-12pm
F: 9am-12pm | 2pm-6pm
Closed on weekends.

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